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Semester 1/2018
    AE205 Section 750001
    AE474 Chemical Process and Plant Design
    CE202 Section 750002 Krisada Chaiyasarn
    CE202 Section 750003
    MA111 All sections and MA131 section 750002
    PB386 sec.750001
    PY211 sec.750001
    SC133 sec.750001 - 750003
    TU110 Sec.750001 & 750003
Semester Summer/2017
    EL214 EL215
    MA112 Sec.750001 & 750002
Semester 2/2017
    ME322 Mechanical Vibrations
Semester 1/2017
    CE202 Krisada Chaiyasarn
    CE202 Section 750003
Semester Summer/2016
Semester 2/2016
Semester 1/2016
    IE301 sec.750001
Semester Summer/2015
Semester 2/2015
    AE335 Separation Processes
Semester 1/2015
    CE101 sec.750001 - 750002
    CE321 Sec 750001
Semester Summer/2014
    AE351 sec.750001
    SC133 sec.750001 + 770001
Semester 2/2014
    AE202 sec.750001
    AE213 Thermodynmics 1  sec.750001
    AE233 sec.750001
    AE285 Sec.750001
    AE447 Sec.750001
    AE586 Sec.750001
    CE465 sec.750001
    LE381 sec.750001 (textbook)
    MA112 sec.750002
    ME200 and ME485 sec.750001
    ME311 sec.750001
    ME323 sec.750001
    SC134 Physics for Engineers 2 + course outline sec.750001-750003 &770001
    TU156 sec.750001
Semester 1/2014
    AE205 Material and Energy Balance
    IE121 sec.750001 - 750003 , 770001
    IE221 Engineering Materials
    ME330 sec.750001
    TU110 sec.750002 Asst.Prof.Dr.Thomas  Hoy

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