Applicants Qualifications:

Acceptance with an unconditional offer  

choose one from the following list:

Acceptance with a conditional offer  

choose one from the following list:

Application Tracks for international rounds

TEP-TEPE offers three types of admission application tracks to help applicants. Applicants are advised to choose the most appropriate track for their application.

Track 1 - Portfolio

Applicants must include the following papers with their application:

Track 2 - High School Academic Record

Applicants must provide the following documents with their application:

Track 3 - Standardized test score

Applicants are advised to submit only one type of standardized test score from the list below. 

Application Tracks for TCAS rounds

TEP-TEPE offers two application rounds in TCAS system. Applicants are advised to read the detail of each round from the below sections.

TCAS Portfolio round

TCAS admission round