Our History

Established in 1996 as a joint effort between Thammasat School of Engineering and University of Nottingham, TEP - TEPE has a rich history of over 20+ years helping students achieve success on a global level. TEP - TEPE aims to provide its students with incomparable opportunities and freedom of choice in where and how they would like to pursue their goals.

  • Thammasat School of Engineering is Established
    His Majesty the King Rama the 9th signed the Royal Decree officially establishing the Faculty of Engineering (now Thammasat School of Engineering) on 19th August 1989, making it the 10th faculty at Thammasat University and the 9th engineering faculty among public universities. Teaching began in the academic year of 1990.


  • TEP-NU Established
    As a joint effort between the Thammasat School of Engineering, Thammasat University and the University of Nottingham, England, the TEP-NU programme was established as a means to provide Thailand with more internationally aware engineers.


  • TEPE Established
    To support the growing industry that needed engineers who understood international methods, the TEPE program was established.


  • TEP-UNSW Established
    To further increase the quality and options offered to our students, Thammasat School of Engineering partnered with UNSW Sydney to establish the TEP - UNSW programme.


  • Auto-TU Established
    Recognizing the need for qualified Automotive Engineers to serve the demand of the industrial sector and to prepare for the AEC, Thammasat School of Engineering began teaching the Automotive Engineering major as part of TEPE at the newly built facility in Pattaya Campus.


  • TEP-KU Leuven
    Commemorating 150 years of the bilateral relationship between the Kingdom of Thailand and the Kingdom of Belgium, Thammasat School of Engineering established the TEP - KU Leuven programme to further bolster the opportunities provided to its students.

  • TEP-TEPE: The Next Concept of Engineering Education


Previsioning to engineering education is not easy, yet possible. TSE develops the life-long integrated engineering programmes (TEPE) for students under 4 areas of specialization: Electrical and Data Engineering, Civil Engineering and Real Estate Development, Mechanical Engineering and Industrial Management and Chemical Engineering and Management.