Our History

Established in 1996 as a joint effort between Thammasat School of Engineering and University of Nottingham, TEP - TEPE has a rich history of over 20+ years helping students achieve success on a global level. TEP - TEPE aims to provide its students with incomparable opportunities and freedom of choice in where and how they would like to pursue their goals.


Previsioning to engineering education is not easy, yet possible. TSE develops the life-long integrated engineering programmes (TEPE) for students under 4 areas of specialization: Electrical and Data Engineering, Civil Engineering and Real Estate Development, Mechanical Engineering and Industrial Management and Chemical Engineering and Management.


TEPE x UoN is a collaborative initiative between Thammasat University and the University of Nottingham, offering a distinctive opportunity for students to earn both a Bachelor's degree in engineering (B.Eng) from Thammasat and a Master of Science in Engineering (M.Sc) from the University of Nottingham. This program equips students with a thorough grasp of engineering fundamentals, exposure to diverse cultural viewpoints, and insights into global industry practices.