qualification Requirement

Application Tracks

For prospective applicants interested in applying for the TEP or TEPE curriculum, there are two tracks available to choose from that align with their qualifications. Applicants are advised to choose the most appropriate track for their applications.

Track  - High School Academic Record Submission

Applicants are encouraged to provide the following documents with their application:

For applicants in their final year of high school:

For applicants who have completed high school:

In cases where academic results are not presented on a 4.00 GPA scale, the selection committee will exercise discretion when comparing these results.

Track - Standardized Test Score Submission 

Applicants are advised to submit only one type of standardized test score from the list below. 

*Applicants must submit English Proficiency Test scores.

English Proficiency Test score

Having English test results that fulfill the standards of an international program, as shown in the following section. The results must not exceed two year up to the admission date.

Acceptance with an unconditional offer  

choose one from the following list:

Acceptance with a conditional offer  

choose one from the following list: