Thammasat English Programme of Engineering

TEPE: Thammasat English Programme of Engineering – An Engineering curriculum where students spend 4 years studying in Thammasat University, Rangsit campus. TEPE provides students with the opportunities of scholarships and overseas exchange program.

Programs of study: With a vision that anticipates the necessity of interdisciplinary knowledge, TEPE has designed the four study programs listed below to meet future growth.

Electrical and Data Engineering

Civil Engineering and Real Estate Development

Mechanical Engineering and Industrial Management

Chemical Engineering and Management

Various study options

Throughout the course, the TEPE course is taught for four years. For 3.5 years, students will study the disciplines listed in the curriculum framework. Students can study according to their preferred study plan in the last semester of the fourth academic year. There are three different study plans to select from. After being accepted into the TEP - TEPE program, students will be able to select a study plan. There are three study programs available:

1. Research Track - In the final semester, students might opt to work on a project or do research.

2. Exchange Track - Students may opt to engage in an exchange program overseas at a partner university of Faculty of Engineering, Thammasat University.

3. Long-term internship Track - Students can participate in a long-term internship with a Thai or international establishment/institute for one semester.

How Much Does it Cost to Study as a TEPE?

Estimate tuition fee per semester = 90,000.- THB

Estimate tuition fee for four years = 720,000.- THB